Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Success

After a successful holiday yesterday, I'm ready to take the weekend off.  Or, at the very least, not do any cooking.  We had an enjoyable, relaxing day with all the kids and a couple friends thrown in for good measure.  

Our gathering included a mix of teens and young adults, and at one point I sat back and listened to their conversations.  They discussed everything from video games to movies to books to the correct use of who and whom.  I admit I was lost during the gaming discussion, but my ears perked up when the conversation shifted to grammar.  

This was a discussion that English majors relish, and I was not about to miss an opportunity to stress the important distinction between these two misunderstood words.  It was a hard sell to a generation that substitutes the letter z for s with reckless abandon.  My argument was lost on most of them, but I was encouraged by one young adult who sided with me.  There is hope for the English language.

We had plenty of food, and then there was pie.  I always bake a crazy number of pies, but this year I added one more to the mix.

Rustic Caramel Apple Tart.  While my pie wasn't nearly as pretty as the recipe pictures, I'd venture a guess that it tasted just as good. This pie was a hit, and gave the blueberry cream stiff competition for Most Favorite Pie status.  This apple, caramel, cream cheese concoction has definitely earned a permanent spot in the holiday pie lineup.

This morning I lingered over coffee.

After a couple false starts, the birthday cowl is up and running.  I played with the numbers and made adjustments several times, so the rest should be easy . . . until I get to the end, realize my math was off and run out of yarn.  Until that happens, I'm going to bask in success, even if it is only temporary.

I'm off to settle in with more coffee and my knitting but leave you with my color inspiration for the week.

Simple shades.

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