Monday, December 2, 2013

Time to Focus

As to be expected, the weekend whizzed right by.  I had high hopes of accomplishing a week's worth of work in a couple days, but Monday morning dawned right on schedule.  My desk is still cluttered, and my workroom is a jumble.  I helped a friend move over the weekend - time that could have been spent on tidying up.  When you own a truck, you're always first to get the call.  It was time well spent.

Knitting was at the top of my weekend list, and I did manage to carve out time for that.  My plans for holiday knitting are a little fuzzy right now.  Since we turned the calendar page to December, I should probably pull those plans into focus.

I do have a couple projects that are definite, so I took a break from knitting and did a bit of winding.  While I was at it, I may have wound a ball earmarked for myself.  I'm really tempted by a sweater right now, so indulging in only one ball of sock yarn felt very virtuous.

Back to work.  It's Monday, and the workroom is waiting for me.

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