Monday, November 4, 2013

Close To Home

It's Monday morning, and I'm catching my breath.  My inbox is full, the dirty laundry is piled high and the refrigerator is empty.  Before I get to work, I'm going to indulge and savor the weekend for just a little longer. 

On Friday I drove out to Western Massachusetts and Fiber Festival of New England.  This fall I've logged so many miles on the Mass Pike that my truck should know the way by now.  Of all the events, this one is closest to home.  It was nice to see so many locals come out.  

The market was busy, but the pace was relaxed.  There was enough time to talk with people - answer questions, discuss knitting techniques, consider color combinations, catch up with friends.  And yes, there was even some baseball chatter.

For today . . . a picture postcard of some of the fun.

Memories of a delightful fiber weekend to carry me through the busy week ahead.

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