Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The newest booth sample in my collection . . . 


Over the weekend this cowl was on display in my booth, but I was working on it until the last minute. 

This is one of those projects that was blocked on a hotel bed.

I used a Lillian gradient set. 

I don't have a link for the sets yet.  One day soon I'll have them on the website.

This was an entertaining pattern.  It was a good traveling project, and the color changes kept it interesting.

If I didn't have so many other projects lined up, I would be tempted to make another one with different colors.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment for the February giveaway. Jen has the best advice for snow days when she calls them "guilt free knitting days."  I subscribe to the same philosophy and try to get some extra knitting done when the snow flies.

The February winner is AtPlayWithFiber.  If you didn't win, you'll have a chance later in the month when I'll be running another giveaway.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Back at It

Oh, Monday.  My weekend in Freeport at Spa Knit and Spin is quickly fading.  There probably isn't enough time in this day to catch up on all that needs to be done, but I'm making a valiant effort.  Laundry is rolling, kitchen is tidied.  The empty fridge with the sour milk will have to wait until later in the day.

The weekend went by in a blur, and I didn't take nearly enough pictures.  Here's a quick glimpse.



Not pictured is the packed hotel lobby with knitters and spinners taking up every available chair.  Spa is a winter knitting getaway - a time for making new connections, renewing old acquaintances, hanging out, having fun.  Thanks to everyone who ventured out.

Last call for the February giveaway.  Today is the final day to enter. Details here.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I'm scurrying about, packing for a weekend trip to Freeport.  Like any good knitter, I'm spending more time picking out my travel knitting than my travel clothes.  Almost all my clothes are interchangeable, so as long as they're clean, I'm good to go.

The knitting on the other hand . . . 

Apparently I'm still on a gradient kick.  This time I chose a color set to match the weather.  If you look closely, you can even spot a few fresh snowflakes.

The gray theme has spilled over into my color inspiration for the week. There's nothing quite like the beach on a winter day, complete with a weak sun.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


One of the inconveniences of all the snow has been irregular mail delivery.  USPS service has been spotty all month, and we went more than two weeks without receiving any mail.  Then one day last week we received a huge delivery.  Since that mail drop, we haven't received anything else.  

I'm trying to roll with it.  At least UPS, FedEx and the pizza guy have been able to find their way to my front door.  

This delivery arrived yesterday, and I'm thrilled.

Bags from Third Floor Studio.  This coming weekend I'm in Freeport for Spa Weekend.  I'll have these bags and more in the booth.

If you're in the Boston area, on Saturday Christine from Third Floor Studio will be on hand at Fiber Arts Day in Jamaica Plain.  JP Knit & Stitch will also be there along with other fiber vendors.  This event is part of the Egleston Square Farmers' Market.  Food and fiber . . . a great combination.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick Day

It was bound to happen.  Over the weekend the current cold-from-hell circulating in my household finally caught up with me.  This particular strain includes a killer cough complete with violent coughing fits intent on bursting a vessel.  In fact last week I took my son to the doctor because his cough was disturbingly bad.  The doctor assured us it wasn't pneumonia but warned us to come back if it got worse.

I was taking all kinds of precautions to keep this awful bug at bay - tea, mega doses of Vitamin C, more tea and keeping a safe distance from anyone with the slightest sniffle.  I even considered locking myself in a room, but in the end that just wasn't a practical option. Despite my valiant efforts, on Friday I could feel the cold creeping in and by Sunday I was down.  This limited my schedule in many ways, but it didn't keep me from picking up my knitting.

Even though I felt miserable, forward progress on Fiar kept me in good spirits.  Today I've definitely turned the corner.  I'm back at it and making up for lost time.

We're heading into the last week of February, and it's time for the monthly giveaway.  Leave a comment and include your Ravelry ID. If this winter has been particularly challenging in your neck of the woods, how have you been coping?  Have snow days given you extra knitting time?  What's on your needles?  Is anyone looking ahead to spring knitting?

The winner, chosen at random, will receive a skein of Dirty Water DyeWorks yarn - winner's choice.  The contest closes on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Production Mode

It's been a topsy turvy day.  Due to some unavoidable scheduling, this morning was like my typical afternoon.  Now that it's afternoon, I'm trying to recover my morning.  I'm looking forward to a clean slate tomorrow.

These days I'm in full production mode with lists on top of lists.

These sets have kept me entertained.

I could churn these out until spring, but I consulted my master list and called a halt to gradient production.  I have a show next weekend, and there are plenty of other things that need my attention.  

I was browsing through pictures when this week's color inspiration caught my eye - a sunflower late in the season at the farmers' market. 

Dried with a hint of yellow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meeting Deadlines

This is turning out to be one of those weeks where I'm pulled in different directions.  I'm focusing on short-term production while considering long-term goals.  I'm juggling between show prep, retail orders and wholesale orders.  The mere mention of paperwork and taxes will likely push me over the edge.  

To clear my head I've been shoveling the snowbank at the end of the driveway.  Every day I go out and chip away at it.  Slowly, slowly it's shrinking.  The truth of the matter is, it's really the neighbor's snowbank, but it's blocking easy access to my driveway.  

At first I thought the neighbor would finish the job and clean up the messy pile, but that hasn't happened and I got tired of all the back and forth turning to get into my driveway.  The other day I took matters into my own hands and picked up a shovel.  It's been a good challenge and, with any luck, I'll have it cleaned up before the next snowstorm hits.

While I shovel, I organize my thoughts around deadlines.  I'm on deadline with various projects.  As much as I dread the pressure of a hard and fast time frame, it can be a great motivator.  Last week I met one of those deadlines.

Yarn Knot Socks shipped.  Everyone should have received their packet by now, so I don't think I'm spoiling any surprises.  Of course now I want to start these socks.  Maybe after my next round of shoveling . . .