Wednesday, February 22, 2017


My latest sample is ready for showtime.

Quicksilver will make an appearance this weekend in Freeport.  The combination of garter and lace provide just enough variety to keep this project moving.  The garter sections are striped.  The lace sections include easy peasy short rows and create colorful wedges.  This substantial shawl is a delightful project all around.

The yarn is Lucia, colorways March Sky, Toffee and Deep Sea.

There are so many fun color combinations . . . it's hard to pick just one.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Distracted by Stripes

I'm traveling later this week, and preparations are well underway.  My master to-do list is long, and the days are packed with tasks that need to be completed - label yarn, assemble kits, load the truck.  If the dog needs to go out, he has to take a number.

Oh, and there are a couple samples to finish.

I'm still stuck on stripes, but these are a little different with pops of color along the way . . . high entertainment value and a terrible distraction from the above-mentioned list.

If you're in the area and are looking for fiber fun this weekend, head to Freeport.  The annual SPA event includes informal technique sessions, a marketplace, a fashion show and plenty of opportunities to hang out and socialize.  Follow the link for more details.

Now back to my stripes labels.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Grab and Go

Yesterday validated by habit of always grabbing my knitting when I leave the house.  A stop at the mechanic to schedule an appointment turned into an actual appointment.  No problem.  I had my knitting in tow.  When the quick appointment turned into a long appointment because something else needed immediate attention and they had to order a part, I just kept knitting.

It may not look like it, but my Quicksilver is bigger.  Thanks to yesterday's bonus knitting time, I can see the end.

This week's color inspiration will brighten a winter day.

Embellishments with beads.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Like a Pile of Snow

Snow cleanup continues.  The bulk of it is done, but I'm still chipping away here and there.  Our octogenarian neighbor is out there several times a day with shovel in hand.  He keeps me on task.  The trash and recycling barrels are buried in a pile of snow.  They really need to be dug out so they can be put curbside in the next day or so.  I was out earlier this morning and did a little shoveling.  I'll go out again later and shovel some more. 

A little here, a little there . . . that's also been my work strategy this week. 

I put together this lineup and then walked away.  That usually works when I can't make a quick decision.  Like the pile of snow, I'll come back to it.  Eventually I'll dig out two skeins.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Counting Wedges

Well, it's been quite a day.  When I started the day this blog post was at the top of my to-do list, but then there was snow, a little bit of dyeing, a lot of driving and more snow-related work.  Throughout the day this post got bumped further and further down the list.

Early evening I was all set to have at it, but somehow I ended up outside again moving more snow and cleaning up the neighbor's driveway . . . just a little bit.  I came inside only to have the lights flicker and the internet go out.  It's very windy and the tress are heavy with snow, so I wasn't too surprised.  As luck would have it, the darkness was short lived.  When the power came back on complete with internet, I took it as a sign to forge ahead.

I've been able to get a fair amount of knitting time in even though my routine (such as it is) has been upset.

I've been focused on Quicksilver and wedges.  Each blue section is a wedge, and they get progressively bigger.  I have a strategy.  I start the day by knitting a wedge, and then work the stripes here and there in between everything else that's going on.  When the next wedge comes around, I take a break for concentrated knitting time.  So far it's working.

There are nine wedges all together.  I'm on the sixth wedge, so it's time for a knitting break.  I hope the power doesn't go out again.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Blizzard Bonus

A nice little blizzard moved through the area yesterday and with it came the false assumption that I had bonus knitting time.  I've felt the urge to cast on a new pair of socks - probably because I've been shipping kits for Yarn Knot Socks.  It seems the nor'easter was just the nudge I needed to get a new pair up and running.

Movie Night Sock.  Knit-purl combinations generate enough interest to make me mutter just one more round over and over.  I'm forcing myself to put it down for now . . . there's more shoveling to do.  So much for bonus knitting time.

The other day I stopped in to see my daughter at work.  She works at a bakery - a dangerous place.  One look at the display case reminded me of the upcoming holiday.  How did that roll around so quickly?  This week's color inspiration has me plotting my own baking.

Pink, red . . . and don't forget the chocolate.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time to Tidy

The good news is my Quicksilver is moving right along.  The combination of stripes and lace has high entertainment value.

The bad news is I've created quite a tangle of ends.  It's so bad my working yarn is constantly getting caught up in the web.  I hate to cut into my knitting time, but before I go any further I'm going to tidy things up and weave in the ends.  

My knitting will be more enjoyable if I don't have to wrestle with the working yarn and the ends.  As bonus it will save me time on the other end.  If I weave in the ends now, I won't have to weave them in later.

Here's a quick PSA for Boston area knitters.  The Knit 200 Together event is happening this Saturday in Lexington.  This is an opportunity to hang out, knit and make new connections.  Follow the link for more details.