Friday, September 19, 2014

How Many Skeins?

Recently another knitter and I were talking about new projects.  In the course of our discussion, I discovered she selects her projects based on how many skeins of yarn they take.  Ideally they use only 1 skein of fingering weight yarn.  If she's feeling adventurous, she'll go up to a 2-skein project.  I understand her reasoning.  These days she's extremely strapped for time.  Limiting the number of skeins keeps her knitting manageable.

The other day I was thinking about this approach to project selection. On one hand, it really narrows the pool of options.  For example, sweaters are out of the picture.  On the other hand, it increases the odds you'll actually finish a project - in theory, at least.

I'm not ready to give up larger projects for 1-skein projects, but it has a certain appeal . . . especially when one of my current projects doesn't seem to be advancing.

This is a vest, not a full-fledged sweater, but for all my effort, I'm not making much progress.  I shouldn't even have the tape measure out.  I know I still need a few more inches.  I'll soldier on because, in spite of the black hole I'm knitting in right now, it really is a fun project.  

How about you?  Do you try to limit yourself to single skein projects?

This week's color inspiration made me look twice . . . plum tomatoes that aren't red.

Warm and mellow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bargaining Power

If you're in the Boston area, I have a PSA for you.  The Greater Boston Yarn Crawl is this week.  In fact, it starts tomorrow.  This year 15 shops are participating.  Follow the link for details.  Get out and support your local yarn stores.

I'll be on the yarn crawl circuit with a trunk show at The Black Sheep Knitting Co. on Friday and JP Knit & Stitch on Saturday.  That means today is decision day.   A trunk show is small and intimate, so I need to pick and choose what I take.  It's time to finalize my lists.

To help with the process, I've contrived a little incentive.  Once I've written up the lists, I can take a knitting break and work a few rounds on my sock.

But not before.  I drive a hard bargain with myself.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Indulgence

The pace is picking up, and my crazy busy fall schedule is looming right around the corner.  I feel like I'm standing on the shore of a rushing river and looking in.  One step further and I'll be swept away by the current and won't surface until the leaves have all fallen and we're on the brink of winter.

No matter which way I turn, I'm surrounded by work, but this weekend I carved out a little time to step away from work.

And I spent that time with a new project.

My knitting time is at a premium.  It seems silly to work on something new, but sometimes the thrill of a new project is just what I need to regroup.  This time it worked.  It's Monday morning, and I'm ready to tackle a new week.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Workbench

Recently I was cleaning out the garage, a task that had been hanging over me for quite some time.  As expected it was a good opportunity to get rid of things.  I believe in sharing the wealth, so I dispersed items through various locations - Goodwill, Craigslist, a church thrift store, friends and curbside with a sign that said Free

All of this sifting and sorting uncovered a table in the far back corner of the garage.  I remembered vague discussions of a workbench in the garage.  I didn't have a good recollection of it but always thought in terms of an oily table with a bunch of tools.  What I discovered had a little more character and charm.

My first thought was I needed to find a good home for the workbench, but the more time I spent in the garage, the more I became attached to the wooden table.  I toyed with the idea of using the workbench in my work space, but I dismissed that notion.  The workbench was too big, too clunky.

Then one day I did some quick math and realized the workbench really wouldn't take up any more space than the standard brown table I was already using.  It was settled.  The workbench had a new home.

This work surface is much more interesting than the boring brown table.

It has a built in tape measure and all sorts of information on nails, screws, bolts, washers and nuts, wood.  These days my work is just a little more interesting.

My color inspiration this week comes courtesy of our annual blueberry picking.  There's just one rule in the blueberry patch.

Pick only the ripe ones.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And the Winner Is . . .

Mid-week madness has hit, so this post will be short and sweet.  With any luck my camera and the lighting will sort things out, and I'll have pictures to share later in the week.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway.  The August winner is Bethany.  Since I can't locate any contact information for you, get in touch and we'll work out the details.

I do read all the comments and especially appreciated this one from Kitten With a Whiplash where he discusses working with novelty yarn. "I haven't decided whether to slog on . . . or do some knitting I enjoy." Life is short.  Knit what you enjoy.  Or at the very least, mix it up with a project you do enjoy.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled knitting.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Restart

On Friday I had a blog post all ready to go, but our tenuous internet connection would not cooperate.  I was proud of the way I handled it.  I walked away, poured another cup of coffee and started to knit. There's no sense expending energy on something I can't fix.

After a weekend of sorting cables, troubleshooting, relocating my desk and more troubleshooting, I think my connection is up and running for good.  I'm starting the week more than a little behind on all things computer related, but I did make some knitting progress.

The right front of Penny is finished, and I've moved on to the right armband.  I didn't read ahead to figure out where this design is headed. I'm following blindly and enjoying it.

After a week of muddling along, I'm ready to make up for lost time. Today I hit the ground running.  Check back on Wednesday . . . I'll be announcing the giveaway winner.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Connection

We're in the process of changing our internet carrier, and it's been every bit the hassle I had envisioned and then some.  It's frightening to think we've become so dependent on this ever-present force.

This has been a good opportunity to assess just how much time everyone spends online.  The kids have been at a loss without internet service.  They've found other ways to keep themselves occupied, and I have a list of long-neglected household chores for anyone who complains too loudly.  

My time without the computer has been easier to fill.  The hardest part is deciding which knitting project will get my attention.  Since I'm on borrowed internet service right now, pictures will have to wait.  If all goes according to plan, our internet should be up and running later in the week.  And if not, I have plenty of knitting to keep me occupied.