Friday, November 22, 2013

In Between

I'm lingering over my morning coffee before I hit the road a little later. I've been contemplating my weekend knitting.  I still haven't sorted out my daughter's cowl - see previous blog post.  I'm taking it with me, but it needs more tweaking before it's up and running.  The reality is I may not have much tweaking time this weekend.  

Zephyr Cove is finished and blocking as I write this, and I don't have many other projects already in progress.  I've been longing to start a sweater, but yesterday I came to my senses.  Since I hadn't settled on a pattern, it wasn't feasible to get that project going before I travel. Anyway, I probably should focus on other things before I tackle a sweater for myself.

So to keep me busy this weekend, I started a new sock.

Just a plain sock.  Around and around without much thought.  Enough to keep me entertained between bigger projects.

My color inspiration this week goes hand in hand with the new sock.

Mustard yellow.

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