Monday, October 14, 2013

Socks Will Do

I've been bumping into all sorts of online discussion about Rhinebeck sweaters - everything from patterns to yarn to colors.  There's a Ravelry thread on the topic, and last time I checked, even the weather forecast this year is favorable for wearing a sweater at Rhinebeck.

I do a lot of planning for Rhinebeck, but the sweater is one area where I drop the ball.  I go through this every year, and it starts a couple weeks before Rhinebeck.  I see all the chatter about Rhinebeck sweaters.  Then I regret not having a sweater in progress and vow to do better next year.  Finally, in an effort to make-do, I substitute something else for a sweater. 

Last year I made a pair of Rhinebeck mittens.

One of my favorite pairs.  I love the way they fit.

This year I'm going with Rhinebeck socks.

These socks are keeping me sane.  It's crunch time, but I take little breaks here and there to knit a few rounds.

And I've come up with a new strategy for my Rhinebeck sweater.  If I plan to have a sweater next year, I should probably start knitting it now.

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