Friday, October 4, 2013

Before I Hit The Road . . .

Later this morning I leave for another weekend fiber adventure.  The truck is ready to go.  All that's left is packing my personal things.  I always leave this to the very end, but it only takes a matter of minutes.  

Yesterday I was thinking ahead to the weekend and my weekend knitting.

Movie Night Sock in progress.  This project is moving right along, so my first thought was that I would take only the sock with me for the weekend.  Often I don't have as much knitting time as I think I'm going to have.  With only one project, there wouldn't be any conflict over which project got all my attention.  I could travel light with only one project in tow.

This morning as I was packing my bag, my resolve to travel with only one project began to wane.  What if the sock didn't hold my attention over the weekend?  What if I wanted to take a break from it and work on something else?  What would I knit?  Suddenly the idea of traveling with only one project seemed beyond crazy.

So I did what any good knitter would do.

I now have another traveling project.  Since pink isn't my color, I've convinced myself I could get a jump on holiday knitting with this one. Now taking another project along for the ride isn't selfish, it's virtuous.

In keeping with the pink theme . . . my color inspiration for the week.

Pink and green - a perfect pair.

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Anonymous said...

Pink and green, that would make a pretty Catkin. Oh, wait....


P.S. See you at Rhinebeck.