Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Double Duty

This past weekend I had two booths running in two very different locations.  I sent one booth off to the mountains of Vermont for Vermont Sheep and Wool.  I took another booth and headed across the border to St. Andrews, New Brunswick and KnitEast.  Both locations are lovely, and both had gorgeous weather as a bonus.

My team in Vermont didn't take many pictures (I guess I left that out of the job description), so the only ones I have are from KnitEast. Here are a few highlights from the weekend.

The KnitEast weekend included a full lineup of classes and a market.

Yes, the market was held in a curling rink.  

Cricket Cove, the shop that sponsored this event, had a wide variety of yarn available, including a nice selection of Fleece Artist.

I may have experienced a moment of weakness in this section.

Ready-to-wear for those who couldn't wait.

I resisted these, but aren't they adorable?

There was yarn bombing everywhere.

It was a lovely weekend chatting with new knitter friends and old.  I was delighted to meet Lyn.  Every time I turned around she was wearing a new beaded shawl.

This is her Laminaria with thousands of beads . . . absolutely stunning.

In the blink of an eye, the weekend was over.  Now I'm back at work plotting my next adventure.  From the mountains to the coast, thanks to everyone who came out for this fiber-filled weekend.

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Michele in Maine said...

Eager to hear how this show was for you, Stephanie. I was asked to vend, but didn't think I could pull it together before Rhinebeck. How did you handle the customs stuff? Did you take any classes?

Glad the weather was nice! See you soon!