Friday, January 2, 2015

First One of the New Year

Make that first frogging of the new year.  No, I didn't waste any time. Sometimes forward progress can be so elusive.

Yesterday I was cruising along with my knitting.  In case you're wondering, this project is Luna Viridis.  This morning I picked it up . . . just a few rows, I told myself.  I had made it through a series of increases and moved on to the next section - the one where the pattern starts to take shape.  I realized the problem when I got to the next increase row and didn't have enough stitches to complete all the increases.  

The pattern said I should have had 129 stitches going into the increase row.  I counted my stitches twice and confirmed that I didn't have 129.  Then I went back and double checked the pattern to make sure all the previous increases added up to 129.  You never know. Sometimes there's a mistake in the pattern.  No such luck this time.  I should have had 129 stitches, and I didn't.  

Of course that left only one solution.

It's the second day of the new year, and already I'm ripping back.  It's like pulling off a band-aid.  If I do it quickly, it's not as painful.  I missed some increases along the way, and I'll rip back until I find them.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not too bad.  This is one problem I can quickly solve.  I'm sure this new year will throw a few more problems my way.  I hope I can solve them as easily.

Just a reminder that today is the last day for the December giveaway. Follow the link and enter for a chance to win.

This week's color inspiration comes from the Holiday Market event held at the Uniun - a funky space that was completely transformed by the festive decorations.

Colorful reflection.

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