Monday, January 19, 2015

Mid-Winter Fiber Party

Winter fiber events are extra special.  First of all, there aren't as many to choose from.  Combine interesting knitting classes with a fiber market.  Add a charming, unique, picturesque setting.  Throw in a healthy dose of cabin fever.  You have all the ingredients for a party. That's what we had this past weekend in Rhode Island - a fiber party.

Knitting Weekend at Slater Mill.

This bell was used to summon the mill workers.  It still works, and this weekend it was used to signal the opening of the market.

Where there's a mill, there's water.

The market was held in the museum part of Slater Mill, and the vendors configured booths around huge pieces of machinery.

A circular knitting machine.  The mechanics of this old machine are fascinating.  I overheard a couple women discuss the possibility of fitting this piece in a living room.  I'm not sure there would be room for anything else.

The Mill Girls by Donna Berger.

This art exhibit is made from cardboard, styrofoam, yarn and acrylic paint.

It celebrates the young girls who worked in the mills.  Mill work required long, grueling days, but it gave the girls a chance at economic and social independence. 

The market included a diverse mix of vendors.

In The Loop brought a selection of soap from The Apothecary at Hobbit Hollow.

Kelly from Romney Ridge Farm was on hand with yarn produced and dyed in Maine.

Chrystee from Play at Life Fiber Arts dressed this mannequin.  I love the combination - Askews Me and Garter Path Shawl.  Friends from Ball and Skein, Green Mountain Spinnery, Katrinkles and more were also on hand.

Discussions with knitting designers and vendors, catching up on the latest with customers . . . Knitting Weekend was all this and so much more.  My head is spinning with ideas and inspiration - food for thought in the days and weeks to come.

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