Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Listening and Reading

The internet can be a wonderful place, and most days it keeps me company as I go about my work.  This is what I've been listening to and reading lately.  

All in the Family . . . it's encouraging to note that a few of these stories are about family businesses.

~ Mulga Springs - the story of an Australian sheep farm run by women.  To keep the farm in the family, the women had to take over.

~ WEBS, a family business, turned 40.  Watch this anniversary video and learn about the history of America's Yarn Store. 

~ Brown Sheep Company is another family business, and you can read their story here.

~ The BBC has collected some of their knitting-related stories on one page.  Give a listen.

~ Finally, the Danes have a reality show about knitting.  Can you believe it?  I don't understand a word of Danish, but I'm mesmerized by this show.

If you're in the Boston area, here's a PSA.  This coming Friday Common Cod Fiber Guild is hosting Ignite Craft: Boston.  This event brings together a diverse group of crafters and is always well attended. The event is free, but you must reserve a ticket.  See the website for details.

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