Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer of Socks

When one of the local shops declared this to be the Summer of Socks, I was thrilled.  Socks are perfect summertime knitting - small, portable, practical.  And depending on your mood, you can make them as mindless or intricate as you'd like.  

I've latched onto the theme and am going to make this my personal Summer of Socks.  Last winter I was lacking in the handknit sock department.  As luck would have it, I had to retire several pairs at the same time.  That left me scrambling to fill the void.  If I get a jump on sock production this summer, I'll be in good shape by the time fall rolls around.

The other day the fog that comes with sickness started to lift, and I decided to treat myself to a new little project.  Of course I immediately thought of socks.  I had several patterns in mind.  The only hard part would be picking one.  

As I was rummaging around for needles, I stumbled across a sock already in production.

Sign of Four by Anne Hanson.  I don't remember when I started this project - probably before my busy spring travel stint.  I'm going to be good and finish this pair first.  I'm a little disappointed that I'm not starting something new, but summer is just beginning.  I have plenty of sock knitting days ahead of me.  Care to come along and make this your Summer of Socks?

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