Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still Striping

This week I'm easing into a different routine, and the calendar is full of appointments and general waiting time.  Yesterday I found myself at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  The wait was long, but I had my knitting.  I was fortunate.  The man next to me saw my knitting and commented that I came prepared.  Poor guy.  He had been waiting over two hours and didn't have anything to occupy his time except check the clock on his phone.

With all the waiting and the appointments I've finished a couple of knitting projects.  As you know, finishing always leads to starting.

I'm still striping.  Pendulum, Round 2.  This time I'm going to stay on course and not make the shawl bigger.  If I can make this out of two skeins, it might be a candidate for a new kit.  There's more waiting in store for me this week . . . and more time for striping.

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