Friday, June 28, 2013


Summer weather has settled in with hot, humid conditions. 

Every day I add to the seasonal sauna by heating up the dye pots.

This soggy situation is not ideal for dyeing.

To say that drying is moving at a snail's pace would be an understatement.  I can't bear to look at the weather forecast for fear it will dash any hope that drier air is headed our way.

My dyeing schedule is still relaxed.  The frantic, frenzied dyeing will come later in the summer.

Right now while the pots simmer, I can even manage to knit a few rows.  Pendulum is the perfect project, and this one is almost finished. In just a couple of weeks the pace will shift, but for the moment I'm savoring this balance between dyeing and knitting.

These days I'm all about rhubarb - muffins, pie, cobbler, sauce.  I'm in so deep that one of the farmers at the farmers' market keeps a stash for me behind the counter.  The rhubarb season is almost over, but I'm going to enjoy it to the very end.  My color inspiration for this week . . .

Crisp chunks ready and waiting.

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Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

My dyepots have been empty for a few weeks - I hate trying to dry anything in the humidity.
I'm also a huge rhubarb fan. One of my best garden surprises in our house was to find that a previous owner had planted rhubarb - and that it takes almost no work to grow!