Friday, November 2, 2012

Have Sock, Will Travel

Today I'm heading to Fiber Festival of New England.  The final fall road trip.  The truck is packed and waiting.  All I have to do is grab my personal things, and I'll be out the door.  The clothes won't take long to assemble, but I've left the travel knitting - the most important part - to the last minute.

Usually I give some thought to my travel knitting a few days in advance, but this week had a healthy dose of crazy, so travel knitting wasn't even on my mind.  Small and portable are the requirements for this trip.  The truck is packed to capacity - or beyond - and there isn't room for one extra skein of yarn.

I was doing a quick tidy (it makes life on the other side of travel easier to manage) and contemplating my travel project, when I stumbled across this.

The wee beginning of a sock.  This is just the ticket.  I was thrilled that I'd had the foresight to set aside an unfinished project that would be ready and waiting when I needed it the most.  Actually I had originally had the notion that these would be Rhinebeck socks - I knew better than to start a Rhinebeck sweater.  Since that never happened, maybe these are destined to be my Thanksgiving socks instead.

With that item taken care of, I'm one step closer to hitting the road.  If you're headed to Fiber Festival of New England this weekend, stop by Booth 432/433 East and say hi.  I'll be the one knitting an orange sock.

It's that time of year when we often have a pot of soup on the stove. Not too long ago I was ready to throw these split peas into a pot, when I was struck by the cheery color . . . my color inspiration for the week.

Bright green with yellow flecks.

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