Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hat Season

With the busy fall travel behind me it's time to catch my breath and assess the damage.  My office is a mess from top to bottom, and the paperwork that awaits me is daunting.  If I left the windows open and let the next storm blow through, it would probably be an improvement. According to my calculations if I lock myself in the office for a week, I might make a dent in the mess.

Instead of jumping right in and tackling the unorganized office I've been contemplating new knitting projects.  Of course I want to knit all the things, but I'm trying to be reasonable in my approach.  There are a couple of sweaters that have been beckoning me, but I'm holding them at bay.

It's hat season, and I need to add at least a couple new ones to my collection.  In addition to keeping my head warm they hide my less-than-cooperative hair, and they fall into the instant gratification category.

I've pulled out a few books and am perusing patterns - I have a feeling I'll be casting on before too long.  I've convinced myself that once I get this out of my system, I'll be able to focus and make order out of my chaotic office.  And just to make sure . . . I've promised myself that I won't start a new sweater until the office is spic-and-span.

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Elisabeth Marino said...

Best wishes. I got off the Festival treadmill two weeks ago, and I can finally see the top of my desk! May you enjoy warm beverages at slow speeds, and may the Shoemaker's Elves do your bidding!