Monday, November 5, 2012

Market Tour

I'm back from a lovely weekend at Fiber Festival of New England.  It's the final festival of the fall season, and I feel like a runner crossing the marathon finish line.  This festival brings together some of my favorite fiber friends all under one roof.  The weekend is a good opportunity to renew connections, hatch new plans and enjoy the company of some very talented fiber artists.

One of the challenges of being a vendor is that I don't get to see much of the marketplace.  I hear people talk about new and interesting things they've seen.  Or I see people walk by with  fun purchases - a new yarn blend, an eye-catching colorway.  But I experience much of the market second-hand.  On Sunday morning I usually take a quick tour before the doors open, but I get to see only a slice of the whole market pie. 

This morning I'll share a few photos from my weekend market tour, but first I want to mention the plight of a fiber artist in need.  Judith MacKenzie, a well-known fiber artist and instructor, lost her studio in a fire last week.  The studio burned to the ground, and she lost everything - teaching materials, equipment, books, yarn, fiber.  All gone.  A website has been set up to share information and accept donations.  Spread the word.  The efforts of many knitters can help Judith re-build.

And now the pictures . . . 


An old skein winder, in case you were wondering.


An intricate hanging from The Hartford Artisans Weaving Center.


The beautiful work of New England Felting Supply.


All shapes and sizes from Wendy G. Jensen.

Whimsical dolls from Rag Hill Farm.

Colors on display.

From Consolati Farms.

After such an inspiring fiber weekend, I'm ready to tackle a new week.

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