Friday, August 19, 2016


It feels good to wrap up the week with a finished project, but this shawl tested my patience to the very end.  The other day I had the incident where I lost at yarn chicken.  I recovered from that and thought it would be smooth sailing to the very end.  

Wrong.  The other night I was working the final row before the bind off. It got late, and I might have nodded off several times while working the last row.  If only I could sleep and knit at the same time.

In the morning I had a couple funky looking stitches.  I tried to fix them on the needles, but they didn't look right.  The only solution was to take out the whole row and work it again . . . all 400+ stitches.

Yesterday I plowed through most of the I-cord bind off before I was interrupted with a quick trip to the ER.  Nothing serious.  Apparently my daughter just has a nasty virus.  When I got home late last night, I was determined to get this shawl on the blocking board.

And I did.


This was a fun pattern . . . mostly garter stitch interspersed with short row bobbin sections.  Overall a relaxing project with colorful stripes for entertainment.

As with most of these two and three color projects, half the fun is picking the colors.  With so many options, it's also the hardest part.

The yarn is Lillian, colorways March Sky and Inchworm.  It seems Inchworm isn't on the website yet.  An update is on my to-do list.

This week's color inspiration screams for attention.

Lobstah red.

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Karen Budnick said...

Your shawl is gorgeous!