Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Escape

In an effort to celebrate summer, I finagled a few days out of town with the family.  The scheduling logistics for all of us are a nightmare, but hopefully by the end of the day all will be accounted for at our little getaway.  Various schedules, multiple cars, terrible traffic . . . I have my fingers crossed.

This excursion is bonus knitting time for me, so of course I thought long and hard about what to bring.  And to keep it interesting, my final decisions required a little bit of dyeing.  In my world there is always last-minute dyeing.

I know.  It's a lot of gray, but some of that belongs to my daughter.  For over a week now, she's been bugging me about a project . . . a project she wants to make.  I felt compelled to seize the opportunity to get a pair of needles in her hands over the weekend.  She's known how to knit since she was a little girl, but she doesn't do it very often.  Or not as often as I think she should.  

"Do you have any yarn?"  What kind of question is that?

"What colors do you have?"  Again, a silly question.  

After much texting back and forth and discussing colors and what will work best with the pattern, she settled on gray.  

"Mom, black is always my go-to color.  I'll do gray instead."  I wasn't able nudge her out of her color comfort zone, but at least she'll be knitting.

This week's color inspiration . . .

A trio of peppers.

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