Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Algonquin Hat

The talk around town is all about the cold weather that's headed our way later this week.  Bring it on.  I'm ready to greet it with a new hat.

Algonquin Hat by Thea Colman of BabyCocktails fame.  Yes, that's the top of the grill.  I didn't have a live model and had to be creative.  

When I need instant gratification, there's nothing like knitting a hat.  It seems I had just settled in when this hat was ready to come off the needles.

This design features an 8-row repeat that creates a fabric full of texture.  It's even more fun with the change in colors.  

The yarn is Petite Clara, colorways Chartreuse and Acorn.  Like the name says, this yarn is the small skein version of Clara - worsted weight, 100% Blue Faced Leicester.   Petite Clara has just been added to the website and is available in a range of colors - plenty of options for mixing and matching.  

Thea recommends finishing by weaving in the tail and going through the loops on the wrong side.  I usually do the weaving on the right side, but I decided to follow her advice.

I must say it makes a nice finish, and it's always fun to tweak a technique.

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Jill L said...

Great pattern!