Friday, November 7, 2014

Practical Knitting

After my little sit-down with Ravelry the other day, my head was spinning with pattern ideas . . . from sweaters to shawls to socks. Before I could settle on one thing, the practical voice inside my head reminded me that it's getting cold, and I need to stay warm.  Now.

Without delay I cast on one of several hats that caught my eye.

Algonquin Hat.  I finished the ribbing and am a couple rounds into the body.  After working with fingering weight yarn on smaller needles, this worsted weight project seems like it's flying.  A new hat by next week isn't out of the question.

This hat uses two colors, and that was part of the attraction.  I was waffling back and forth between colors.  The green was a definite choice, but I wasn't so sure about the second color.  I polled family members.  While they all agreed on a second color, I'm not so sure.  I still have a few rounds before I need to commit.  

This week's color inspiration comes to you from one of the bins at a local market.

So many shades of orange.

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