Monday, May 26, 2014

Taking Inventory

Since we're moving toward summer, I decided it was time for me to wash my handknits and pack them away.  

I hesitate to do this too early in the season since then I end up digging out a pair of fingerless mitts - maybe even a pair of socks or a hat - to fend off the chill.  This weekend I reasoned with myself that the time had come for the big wool wash.

It is, after all, the end of May.  It should be safe to tuck things away for a few weeks.  But as I sit here this morning in the cool damp, I'm wondering if I'm going to need some woolly warmth.

I also use this washing ritual as an opportunity to assess my handknits.  What do I have plenty of?  What am I lacking?  

These aren't all my socks but most of them.  Somehow I thought I had more - it seems like I'm always knitting socks.  Then I remembered that a couple pairs that I knit this last year ended up as booth samples.  

I did find one pair that missed the bath, so there will be a repeat of this wool washing exercise.  A couple pairs are showing wear, so it looks like I'm in for the Summer of Socks, Round 2.  I also noted a lack of yellow, red and orange in my current collection.  I'll have to remedy that.

After everything was washed and accounted for, I was left with this.

Somewhere I must have a matching pair.  This has turned into a game of hide-and-go-seek between me and my handknits.  I'm off to find the last of them.  I have another day of washing ahead of me.


17th stitch said...

Love the yellow mitten (missing its mate) in the last photo. Do you happen to know what pattern it is?

Stephanie/Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

The pattern is the Rhinebeck 2012 Mitten KAL.

The yarn is Edna. I love how this mitten fits. I intend to make another pair . . .