Monday, May 5, 2014

Backward, Forward

When my Monday starts like this, I know it can only get better.

This morning my son had an appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed.  I was looking forward to some quiet knitting time, but first I had to sort out a minor mishap.  I had one wonky stitch and had to perform a quick bit of knitting surgery before we headed out.  By the time I had dealt with Monday morning traffic madness, a little downtime in the waiting room was just what I needed.

As luck would have it, my son had only 3 wisdom teeth.  I'm not sure how much more knitting time a fourth tooth have would have given me, but I'm convinced that some days I would pay for more waiting time. All too quickly we were out the door and on our way.  

At least I had enough time to knit up what I had ripped out and then some.  Forward progress on a Monday . . . I'll take it.

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