Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Which Came First?

Was it the pattern?  Or was it the yarn?  I swing both ways on this, but I know some knitters who are on one side or the other.  Either they won't buy yarn unless they have a specific pattern in mind, or they buy yarn with reckless abandon, with nary a thought for what it will become.

Today I'm faced with the situation that the yarn came first.

This combination crossed my path several months ago, but I shoved it aside.  When these two landed together after a recent show, I decided it might be time to see what they will become.  So today I'm off on a pattern search - a nice addition to my to-do list.

Which comes first for you?  Is it the pattern or the yarn?

1 comment:

'M' said...

I go both ways too :) I love that color combo! When I saw that picture I immediately thought of a Color Affection shawl.....but then you'd need another color to go with those ;)