Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Fiber Party

My Monday doesn't look very exciting after a fiber-filled weekend in New Hampshire.  True to form we had a bit of weather excitement with rain and thunder on Saturday.  But Sunday dawned bright and clear, and we quickly forgot about the damp and chill of the previous day.

Follow along for a glimpse of the weekend festivities.

I talked with so many people over the weekend.  I always appreciate show and tell, and several people brought finished projects made with my yarn.  It was fun to reconnect with people I see every year at this event.  It was also a good opportunity to make new connections. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

I didn't knit one stitch over the weekend.  Not one.  Before I do anything else today - and believe me, the list is long - I'm going to spend a few minutes with my knitting and a cup of coffee.  I'm on the road again later this week.  It's time to recharge my battery.

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