Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sorted Out

One of my goals for going into the new year was to have my calendar organized.  I keep a couple of electronic calendars - one at my desk, one on-the-go.  Over the past couple months there have been syncing issues - what was on one calendar didn't necessarily appear on the other calendar.  To confuse matters even more, sometimes there were in sync.  I was always second-guessing my schedule, and it was driving me batty.  After a couple of missed appointments, I realized I had to take control of the situation and come up with a better system. 

So by the end of the year I upgraded my electronic gadgets - an organized schedule was within my grasp.  In theory I had to enter information on one electronic calendar, and it would magically appear on the other electronic calendar.  As with so many situations theory and reality are two different things.  I had a hunch the process was going to be time-consuming, and it was.  

Over the weekend I sat down and entered my schedule month by month for all of 2013, and I'm so glad I did.  The old calendar I was working from had incomplete and inaccurate information.  For example, I had the dates for a couple fall events all turned around. That was a double-booking just waiting to happen.

While I was in calendar mode, I updated the Events page on the website.  There are still some pending events, and these will be added to the website as soon as they're confirmed.  You can also spot the most immediate events in the sidebar to the right.  Now that all my calendars are current, I can confirm that my schedule is full.  It's an exciting way to head into the new year.

And now I'm off to finish prep for a class I'm teaching tonight - a knitting sampler.  I have one hour with new knitting recruits - just enough time to give them a taste of knitting and all the wonderful possibilities.  The idea is that after one hour, they'll be hungry for more.  I feel like a knitting missionary. 

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