Wednesday, January 23, 2013


These days I find myself contemplating colorways . . . which ones should I retire or send on sabbatical, which new ones can I bring on board.  Sometimes my decisions are based on inventory and sales records - what sold well and what didn't.  Other times it's purely subjective - I'm bored with that color so it's out of here.

New colorways usually involve a bit of research and plenty of experimenting.

It's a fine line between the different color combinations.  And what you see on paper doesn't always transfer to yarn.  Often the written formulas are only a springboard for what actually ends up in the dye pot.  Some of the best colorways happen by accident.

Dyeing yarn samples is the next step.  I was pleasantly surprised with this combination.

I'm rather smitten with it, and I'm not usually a pink person.

And this one shows potential.  

A new colorway may get thumbs up or thumbs down.  Either way it's all fun.

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Anonymous said...

Love,love,love! These colors remind me of spring.