Monday, January 14, 2013

Off To A Good Start

I spent part of this past weekend at FiberCamp Boston.  This attendee-led unconference is always interesting.  The atmosphere is relaxed, and people are often sitting around, knitting, catching up since the last time they saw each other.  I knew I was going to have plenty of knitting time and vowed to make the most of it.

I have a couple of new projects in mind, and I was very tempted to cast on something fresh for the weekend.  Instead I took a look at the projects already in progress.  I picked out the most urgent one and brought myself up to speed on where I had left off.  Sometimes I think that's the biggest hurdle to jump-starting a lingering project.

I chose Cassis for my weekend knitting.  I started this as a booth sample in the fall.  Other projects intervened, and I had to put it on the back burner.  This is a top down sweater.  The sleeves had been set aside, and I had been working on the body of the sweater down to the bottom edge.  This is a long sweater, so the body below the sleeves goes on and on.  After I reacquainted myself with the pattern, I was off and running.

On Saturday morning this was the body measurement below the sleeves.

This was the measurement after a weekend of work.  I need just a few more rows, and then it's on to the bottom ribbing.  Since this is a booth sample, I'm knitting it to the recommended length.  If it were for me, I wouldn't need to make it this long.

It's a Monday morning, and this project is well on its way to completion.  Not a bad way to start the week.

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