Monday, January 21, 2013


It can be a good thing to have several lingering knitting projects.  It's like having an arsenal ready and waiting . . . waiting for the momentum, the final nudge to finish them up and get them off the needles.

I find that once I start attacking these projects, I usually knock off several at a time.  It feels so satisfying to finish the first one that I don't think twice about working on the second and the third and . . . Before I know it, I have a small pile of several new handknits.

The other day I added to my growing pile with Cassis.

This longer sweater has lace panels on the fronts and the back - just enough detail to keep it interesting.  The design calls for short sleeves, but you could knit them long if that's your preference.  

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Clara, coloway Bark.  This 100% Blue Faced Leicester yarn makes a cozy fabric - perfect for sweaters.

Sad to say I'm almost out of works in progress.  That means a case of startitis can't be far behind.  That's OK.  I have a long list of projects to choose from.

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