Monday, December 31, 2012

My Turn

Several weeks ago I made a promise that when the holiday knitting was under control, I would knit something for myself.  Over the weekend I made good on that promise.

There's a new sweater in the works - Grayling.  When I started this project, I had several modification ideas.  Sometimes that's a disaster waiting to happen.  After all, I don't completely rewrite a new recipe until I've tried it first.  In the end I compromised and settled on three minor adjustments.

Now that I've started a new project, I don't want to work on anything else.  But it's New Year's Eve, and my goal is to start the new year with a shipshape office.  That means decluttering, filing papers, counting yarn, bookkeeping.  If I were more ambitious, I would tackle the whole house but living with teenagers has taught me to pick and choose my battles carefully.  I'll settle for organizing my own space.

I'm off to sift and sort small pieces of paper and make sense of them all.  Here's to peace and positive energy in 2013!

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Elisabeth Marino said...

May your new year contain both organization and plenty of time for knitting for yourself! Enjoy.