Friday, August 31, 2012

Backup Plan

A well-equipped knitting bag should have more than just one project. Yesterday I was on the go with a couple of stops that included knitting time.  I was looking forward to working on a particular project, so when I reached my first destination I pulled it out of my bag.  Next I retrieved the pattern only to discover that I was missing a page - the page I was working on.   I looked at the pages I did have in an effort to conjure up the missing page but soon realized there was no way I could piece it together.  

After I got over my initial panic, I decided to dig deeper in my bag. Now I haven't thoroughly gone through the bag in quite a while and it's in need of a good dumping, so I didn't have a sense of everything that was in it.  After sifting and sorting through a layer of receipts, odd bits of yarn and a couple of random knitting needles, I struck gold.

A hat in progress.  I was overjoyed 

This hat is a sample for a class I'm teaching this fall.  It isn't a high priority project, but it does need to be finished so I knit away.

I worked on it  off and on throughout the day and into the evening as I made my various stops.

By the end of the evening it was finished.

You can find this free pattern here.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Paints, color 9997.  Now I'll have to add another backup project to my bag.  You never know when the next knitting emergency will strike.

My color inspiration for the week comes from the back side of a ranger station.  This entrance doesn't get much use and has a deserted air about it.

Ivy green and weathered gray.

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