Friday, August 17, 2012


I have a new knitting project in the works but not without a fair amount of debate.  Usually I don't dither too much about starting a new project. What's the worst that can happen?  It doesn't work, I rip it out and start a new project.  That's one of the beauties of knitting. It's not like I've cut fabric into pieces, sewn a seam or two and then decide the project isn't going to work.  Knitting is much more forgiving.

I had looked at this pattern a while ago.  I considered it, put it on my "maybe" list and forgot about it.  When I need a new project, I usually consult my list.  Make that lists.  After a recent Ravelry binge my original list has mushroomed into three.

When I flipped through the lists, Sharktooth caught my eye and I decided to go with it.  I've made several Stephen West designs so I knew Sharktooth would be an entertaining, well-constructed project. You can see the first two teeth have emerged along the bottom.

But the debate didn't stop with the pattern selection.  I contemplated several different colorways and finally tossed caution to the wind.  I let my daughter pick the color.  She chose Lillian Yogi Bear in case you're wondering.  

Once I had started knitting the debate continued with the yarn overs. Did they look funny?  Were they wonky on one side? After ripping out, starting over and tweaking more than once I finally decided that they were right in the first place.  Sometimes I overthink things.

Normally all this indecision doesn't bode well for a project, but I'm feeling better now.  I've cleared up all the issues, settled into a groove and am about to cut two more teeth.  My optimistic self has me convinced that it's smooth sailing ahead.

For a couple of weeks I've been watching this volunteer plant material in one of my pots.  This small, fragile plant has given me a couple of color ideas and is my color inspiration for the week.

Delicate green tinged with white.

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