Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Without A Plan

Some days it doesn't pay to have a plan.  This morning I was going to take a few photos outside, but the dark, wet conditions just won't cut it.  Today Mother Nature's plans don't coincide with mine.  I'll save those shots for another day and instead share a little bit of . . . 


~ The good news.  A couple more yarn stores have started carrying yarn from Dirty Water DyeWorks.  The website list has been updated. Be sure to check it out and remember to buy local.  Don't take your local yarn store for granted.

~ The not-so-good news.  I had to raise prices on several of the yarn lines - Bertha, Lillian, Lucia and Marie.  The cost of materials has been going up and up.  I was able to absorb the initial increases, but with the latest wave I had to adjust prices.  I anticipate the other lines will hold steady for the time being.

~ "The Sheep Are Like Our Parents."  If you're looking for a rugged, hands-on experience, consider a working vacation with a Navajo shepherdess.  Spend time herding sheep in the mountains of the Southwest and get a taste of contemporary Navajo life.  Off the grid with a herd of sheep . . . I could be tempted.

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