Monday, August 20, 2012

Group Effort

This past Saturday I led a dyeing workshop for a fearless group of fiber enthusiasts.  It was a fun-filled day exploring color and handpainted yarn.  Follow along for a peek at the process.

We started out small.

Experimenting with primary colors on tiny yarn samples.

After people were comfortable with the technique of applying dye and had mixed and matched a few colors, we moved on to the real thing.

Full-size skeins.  Karen decided to go from dark to light, from the outside of the skein to the inside.  She had some beautiful shades of blue moving through her skein.

This was another approach.

Segments of color moving around the skein.

And a variation on that theme.

Chartreuse was popular.

It made an appearance on several skeins.

Caitlin's special project.

This is two of three yarn segments all connected.  Caitlin has a master plan, and I hope she shares photos of the finished project.

Next up - finishing.

Packets of yarn lined up for steaming, cooling and rinsing.  The group produced a wide range of beautiful colors from subtle to bold.  

Great company, wonderful food, gorgeous colors.

Workshop success.


yardsailor said...

What a great day, really enjoyed everything, the expert guidance from Stephanie, the laughs, the food, and the gorgeous finished product we left with. Could not ask for anymore. If you are lucky enough to attend one of Stephanie's workshops, treat yourself you will love it.

Stephanie/DirtyWaterDyeWorks said...

Thanks for participating! Fun day all around . . .

Tanya said...

Stephanie, please let me know when you are going to do this again, I'd love to learn.