Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mini Madness

A while ago I posted that I had succumbed to the hexipuff craze. Adorable, squishy, mini pillows made from remnants of sock yarn. Hexipuffs are quick and easy - perfect for on-the-go knitting when your other projects are too involved.  So what do you do when you have a collection of hexipuffs?

Join them to form a Beekeeper's Quilt, of course.  I'm a long way from a quilt.  This doesn't even qualify as a doll blanket.  But I'll keep making hexipuffs and adding to it as time allows.

While I was making hexipuffs, I started thinking about another mini.

Mini skeins.  I spent a little extra time at the winder and may have gotten carried away.  I now have a nice selection of mini skeins available in a range of colors and fiber blends - perfect for hexipuffs, embroidery or any other project where you need just a little bit.  These minis will make a nice addition to my spring booth display.

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