Monday, February 27, 2012

In Pieces

I'm trying to stay on course with my knitting time, but I've been tempted to stray.  There are new projects and ideas. At first they start by whispering to me.  When I don't respond, they loudly call my name. So far I've managed to stay focused, but my resolve is wavering.

One half of Miss Doolittle.  Note the live stitches on one end.  I'm holding them on a spare cable for now.  

The scarf is knit in two pieces to keep the pattern moving in the same direction on both sides.

The bottom edge of the second piece is finished, and it's time to start the lace.

After the second piece is finished, I'll graft the two sets of live stitches together.

Soon enough.  I have a chorus of new projects screaming for my time and attention.

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