Friday, February 3, 2012

Colors For Thought

The dye pots are busy, and my days are full of color.  There are earth tones, jewel tones and everything in between.  Dye, dry, twist and label.  The process is the same yet always different - subtle nuances, shifting colors.  It never gets old.  And during the process random combinations appear - colors tossed together to be packed away later. This combination caught my eye, and now I want to use it for something.  Anything.

Marie.  Blue Jeans and Raisin.  A project to contemplate while I dye more yarn.

Speaking of projects I've been following a design that's under construction.  Designer Becky Herrick is puzzling out a cabled sweater pattern.  The twists and turns of cables can be challenging.  You can read about Becky's design dilemma here.  She's using Dirty Water DyeWorks Edna, colorway Acorn.

I love the gray days of winter, but my color inspiration for the week is the exact opposite.

Bright and bold on burlap.

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