Friday, February 24, 2012

Pondering Buttons

Lately buttons have been popping up here and there.

A couple of weeks ago I found this button on a walkway.  It's thick and hefty - probably fell off a coat.  I liked the diagonal stripe and pocketed it to add to my collection.

Just the other day a couple of buttons that I hadn't seen in a while surfaced.  I vaguely remember buying them at a fiber event.

This one features a purple butterfly.

And this one a charming cat.  

Single random buttons with no purpose yet.  They can all hang out together in my button bin.

Then yesterday Becky Herrick posted about her search for buttons. The whole process has me thinking about which comes first - the sweater or the buttons.  Becky says she sometimes has the buttons first and then the sweater comes along.  I often buy buttons, especially vintage buttons, with no purpose in mind.  I like them just to have them and don't expect that most of them will ever be used. 

Usually I knit a sweater and then go in search of buttons.  Now I'm thinking of buying buttons that I really love and building a sweater around them.   This has all the elements of fun and frustration.  Either way it will be a challenging experiment.

My color inspiration for the week reminds me of a maze.

Mossy paths winding between rough rocks.

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