Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slow And Steady

Knitting projects move at different paces.  Some zip right along.  The yarn, the pattern or the combination of both makes it seem like these projects fly off the needles.  There are the projects that drag.  These are the projects that see action for a row or two and then get set aside. Often the time between rows gets longer and longer.  Eventually they languish at the bottom of the project pile for an extended period.

Then there are the projects in between.  The slow and steady projects. These are the projects that get set aside temporarily.  Their progress is halted by a quick hat, an emergency gift or a whim.  They are quickly picked up again and worked on with fervor only to see another brief break in favor of some other project.

Miss Doolittle.  My slow and steady project.  I love the pattern and am delighted with the yarn but progress is neither fast nor slow.  I'm caught somewhere in the middle.  This could be the fate of most scarf projects - that place between beginning and end where you never seem to make any progress.  The black hole of knitting.  Or it could be that I have commitment issues.  If I didn't look at or even consider another project, I might make more progress on Miss Doolittle.  Either way I know that this project won't see the bottom of the pile because eventually slow and steady makes it to the finish line.

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