Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding Forward Progress

A new project and a new yarn.  I'm so excited.

I started this over the weekend in Rhode Island.  By Sunday night I was a tad past the swatch stage.  Last night was knit night, and I had ambitious plans.  I was going to make significant progress on this new project.

Often knit night is not the best place for production knitting.  I know that.  There's too much talking and not enough paying attention.  Knit a little, rip out a lot. Note the pile of loose yarn in front of the bag. This pattern is not that difficult, but at the end of the evening I doubt I had made any forward progress.  

At times like this the only solution may be to lock myself in a room.

Maybe a couple of cookies will help.

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Karen said...

I know what you mean about knit night. I had a mistake to correct myself (fortunately of the "invent a YO that you missed" variety). I saved the "the only way to fix it is tear it out" mistake for when I was knitting at work. Must have been rushing to finish the row when break was over.