Monday, January 30, 2012

Pass The Chips

I've fallen down the rabbit hole.  The hexipuff rabbit hole.

The Beekeeper's Quilt and the adorable, colorful hexipuffs are all over the place.  Everyone is making hexipuffs.

A couple friends and I had discussed a mini KAL - make hexipuffs, swap yarn, share in the joining.  We never got it off the ground, and I vowed to put this project on the far back burner.  I don't know what got into me, but the other day I decided to try one. 

Just one.  What could be the harm in that?  I have oodles of leftover yarn rolling around, and each hexipuff takes just a smidge.  I knit the hexipuff, stuffed it and closed the end - quick and easy.  A soft, cushy mini pillow.  All I need is several hundred more and I can have a whole quilt. This could be a problem, I said to myself.  Before I knew it I was digging through baskets and bags, looking for yarn remnants, lining up more colors to use.  Just one more hexipuff.

I have a lot of dyeing on my plate right now, and this new obsession could be either really good or really bad.  It's nice to have a quick knitting fix when I'm so busy.  But if I can't stop making them, they are a total distraction and time suck.  I'll never get any work done.

Be warned - hexipuffs are potato chip knitting.  You can't knit just one.

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Kate/Massachusetts said...

Why don't you put together hexipuff kits for sale? It would use up your leftover yarns!