Friday, January 13, 2012


All fall my to-do list included adding a few new colorways to the website.  These are Bertha colorways that I added for the fall shows but never got around to posting live.  This task hovered near the top of my list but never made priority status.  With the new year I decided to add the colors and cross it off my list.

Since I was adding a few colorways, why not update the website and give it a fresh look.  Spend a little more time, make a few minor changes.  This was going to be fast and easy.  As so often happens what was initially a quick job mushroomed and became a huge project that required computer savvy reinforcements and bottomless cups of coffee.  I've long since lost track of my time investment on this endeavor, but I'm happy to report that the project is finished.  You can view the final product here.  It's the same as the old website in many ways yet different.  It's like rearranging the living room furniture.  At first the room seems so wonderfully fresh and new, but really it's still the same furniture.

Since I've been chained to my desk, I don't have any pictures of knitting or dyeing to share.  Not to mention the weather has been gray, dismal and all round lousy for taking photos.  Instead I have a couple of random bits of . . . 


~ Granny squares.  You know what I'm talking about.  Those thick, firm crocheted squares that were assembled to make afghans back in the day.  Granny squares have come a long way - there's even a granny square dress.  Consider granny squares on steps.  A lot of granny squares, a lot of steps.  Crazy, colorful, beautiful art.

~ Kids, color and a mountain of stickers.  These three things combined can change a room.  You can see the transformation over at Colossal.  Take some time to click around on this site.  It's full of art, design and color inspiration.

~ Finally, a new take on the travel mug.  If you use a canning jar for coffee, now you can take it on the road.  I'm all about coffee, and timing is everything.  Just last week my travel mug started leaking.  I'll have to give the cuppow a test run.

As a bonus for cleaning off my desk I uncovered my color inspiration for the week.

A rainbow of color.

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Karen said...

Some great spots to visit. Interesting how the granny square steps were attributed to quilt squares.

And that cup top thing - just brilliant! My mom was always a fan of a travel cup that could go in the microwave for rewarming. Needless to say, most travel mugs fail that test. This one would not!

There is a similar thing available for the top of narrow Nalgene water bottles. Also very clever.