Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've been surveying odds and ends of yarn.  They are everywhere - buried on my desk, tumbling off the work table, spilling out of my bag. Bits of this and that.  Remnants of completed projects.

I set a challenge for myself to use up some of these yarn leftovers.  It so happens I need a new traveling project - something that doesn't require all the charts and elaborate pattern instructions I'm currently working on.  A sock project would be the logical choice, but that doesn't work so well with a mishmash of yarn.  Instead I'm going with a hat.  The bonus to knitting a hat is that it's fairly quick.  A little instant gratification now and then is a good thing.

I've narrowed the yarn down to these four.  They are all Edna so I won't have to deal with varying weights and gauges.  Deciding on colors is the next step.  Mix and match, pick and choose.  Now the real fun begins.

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Karen said...

They all look good together from out here in computer land. Have fun!