Monday, January 2, 2012

All Mine

It's January.  This is the month that knitters wait for.  After weeks and months of frantically knitting to make things for others, they can now indulge themselves.  This is the month when knitters knit for themselves.  Spend some time with your Ravelry queue.  It's time to cast on one, two or five projects for yourself. 

Even though I still have a couple of outstanding holiday gifts to finish, I couldn't resist any longer.  Over the weekend I had to cast on just a little something for myself.

I think I showed great restraint.  There are two or three sweaters near the top of my queue, but all of them involve dyeing the yarn first. Instead I went with something small, something I could start right away. 

Selfish knitting.  There's nothing like it.


Taos Sunflower said...

Isn't it the best, starting something new for yourself??? When my shop closed, I was relieved to not have to think about shop sample knitting again. Have a great time. Life is short. Knit and be happy.

Happy new year to you and yours!

Your friend in NM

17th stitch said...

That looks gorgeous! I love the colors. Is it your own pattern?

Jill L said...