Monday, May 2, 2011


My head is still spinning from a whirlwind weekend.  It was a fun-filled Saturday at Connecticut Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival.

The day started early with the drive to Connecticut.

The booth was set up and ready before the festival opened.

I've had this booth space before but with a different layout.  This year I kept both sides open.  People walked through from one side to the other, and it was much less congested.

There was plenty of space to display everything.

All sorts of color.

The festival wasn't just about yarn and fiber.  There were vendors with everything from knitting bags to spinning wheels, from buttons to maple syrup.

And beads.

It was a beautiful day to be vending outside.

The day started sunny and warm but turned cloudy and cooler in the afternoon.  

There were animal demonstrations.

Sheep shearing.

Sheep herding.

There were animals inside and out.

Up close.


From big animals to small.


Triple.  Snuggling balls of fluff.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth.  It was fun to meet so many online connections.  Now I'm off to assess the damage from this event and start preparing for the next one.

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Karen said...

Love the triple bunny photo. They are so fluffy - hard to imagine there is a live body under there.

Looks like lots of fun and lots of color - hope you did well. -KVL