Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm packing for Rhode Island Wool and Fiber Festival.  I should be packing.  I had the bright idea that I need to start a new knitting project, so I've taken a slight detour.

I have a pattern in mind and am considering this yarn.

Or this one.

I thought the situation was manageable - pick one color or the other. Things became a bit more complicated when I started thinking about a second pattern.

That's when I pulled this yarn.

I know I'm procrastinating.  Packing isn't fun, but at least now I can contemplate these options while I load everything up.  After an endless string of gray, foggy, drizzly, damp days there's a good chance the red one will win out.  I don't need the sun to brighten my day.

Lilacs are one of my springtime favorites.  Their delicate, rich purple is my color inspiration for this week.

And they smell good too.


Karen said...

Lilacs are among my favorites as well. One of the best things about Cornell was the variety and abundance of lilacs on campus - all shades of purples, as well as white and yellow. Some the old fashioned single-flower type, and others where each flower had multiple sets of petals (I forget what the flower people call that). Just amazing!

Have fun in RI.

Debbi said...

Can't wait to see what you make!