Friday, May 6, 2011

Hours Of Garter

I've been working exclusively on Corinne.  Hour after soothing hour of garter.

This one piece wonder is worked side to side from left front around the back to the right front.  I finished the back and am knitting the right sleeve.  Then it's on to the right front, and I'll be done.  The only finishing is the sleeve seams.  I'm already starting to contemplate buttons. 

I love garter stitch, and the timing of this project couldn't have been better.  Even when my attention is being pulled in several different directions, I can still knit - back and forth, back and forth.  Since I don't have a sock on the needles (how did that happen?), this project has been my traveling companion.  The only drawback is that a one piece sweater gets heavy and cumbersome.  Now that I'm in the home stretch, it doesn't really matter.  I'm not working on anything else until this sweater is finished. 

It's May.  That doesn't mean I won't need my woolens, but the days are getting warmer.  My color inspiration for the week comes from our May Day celebration.

Pink and green woven together.

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