Friday, May 27, 2011

All Red

Last week I was debating which color yarn to use for a new project - brown, gray or red.  While I love all three colors, the red skein won out. We were in that cycle of gray, dreary days.  The red definitely lifted my spirits.

Even though I am still in the midst of my Sweet Bunting obsession - dyeing yarn, knitting sweaters - I did manage to spend a little time with the skein of red.  I didn't have a sock on the needles and felt lost without one.

Now I have Hedgerow Socks to keep me company.

A few weeks ago these tulips caught my eye.

The reflection of red on a glistening white fence.

If you knit stranded colorwork, you understand that sometimes color is all about the contrast.  These red tulips wouldn't be nearly so striking without the white fence.  They are my color inspiration for the week.

Red on white.

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MicheleinMaine said...

Love this last picture!