Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Calm

The dust is still settling from my last event.  There are orders to fill and colorways to re-stock.  But after the flurry of activity leading up to last weekend, it's relatively quiet - the calm before the next event. This is when my thoughts turn to new projects.  

For the past month or so I've been resisting the urge to start a new sweater.  I haven't settled on a pattern, haven't even allowed myself to look at patterns in earnest.  Even if I had a pattern in mind, I haven't dyed the yarn.  While this is not a project I'll be able to start tonight, now I can start plotting and planning.  Rolling around with the new sweater idea are a couple of thoughts for new booth samples. Patterns, yarns, colors all swirling around in my head.

While these ideas are percolating, I started a plain sock.

This winter has been hard on my handknit socks, and I'm in need of new ones.  There's nothing quite as meditative as working on a plain stockinette stitch sock.  I'm sure that by the time I've turned the heel and started marching toward the toe I'll have come up with a plan for all these new projects.

In other news a couple of worthy causes have come across my radar. Genny Stevens is donating 100% of the sales from her Tiki Mittens pattern to earthquake relief efforts in New Zealand.  Follow the link to the mittens and read about the tiki symbol.  Very interesting.

Norma from Now Norma Knits is helping a friend de-stash and raising money for a good cause.  Take a look.  There are some beautiful items up for auction.

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