Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holding Steady

The past few days I've ben busy with the dye pots.  A little of this, a little of that.  Nothing too overwhelming.  I had a little slip and dyed some yarn for a new project, but I've promised myself I won't start it until I finish the current booth sample under construction.

I like to think of this as controlled startitis.  I could easily take a big fall, dye several new colorways and start as many new projects.   For the time being I'm holding steady.  

I'm fascinated with dog sled racing and have been following news of the Iditarod.  This beautiful, treacherous race course is over 1150 miles long.  Conditions are both breathtaking and extreme, challenging on many levels.  

In the spirit of the Iditarod knitters have formed Iknitarod.  Choose a project that is personally challenging and try to complete it before the last musher crosses the finish line.  Usually the Iditarod lasts about two weeks.  One of the challenges of Iknitarod is not having a fixed end date.  Of course there is a Ravelry group, and you can follow along with one knitter's challenge here.  I'm watching this one from the sidelines, but it's not too late to join.  It's still early in the race, and anything can happen.

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Karen said...

Have you read any of Sue Henry's books? Her first takes place during the Iditarod and is fascinating

A couple of weekends ago there was dogsled racing in NH. Hannah was agitating to go, but we ran out of time of course.

I like the controlled startitus concept - what is it you are holding back on?